• Did you know that plastic could cause animal death??? IT COULD!!!
  • The cause of animal death is entanglement & wrong digestion.
  • ·Plastic bags can become serial killers. Once a bag is ingested, the animal dies and decomposes, releasing the bag back into the environment to kill again.

                         THE FOODCHAIN

Did you know any thing about the food chain??> Let me tell you something about it… The food chain is a chain, which is about food. It is like a cycle. For example, the shark eats the little fish, and then the predator eats the shark. That is what the food chain is. If you want to know more visit http://hkcleanup.org/en/content/plastic-bags-fact-sheet


2 thoughts on “DANGER! PLASTIC AHEAD!!!

  1. Good Remarks ! We have to change our habits to protect our world from throwing unrecycled disposals to the sea & to find new technologies accordingly.

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